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Traditional Databases:

	Buffer Management
	Concurrency Control
	Crash Recovery
 	Data Consistency, Integrity, and Security
	Data Models and Data Modeling
	File Structures and Access Methods
 	Functional Dependencies and Normalization
	Index Structures
	Integrity Conditions or Constraints
	Lossy Join and Dangling  Data Tuples
	Null Values, Incomplete and Missing Information
	Query Languages
 	Query Optimization (Techniques or Algorithms)
	Security and Authorizations
	Storage Managers
	Transaction Processing and Management
	Hierarchical Database Systems 
	Network Database Systems
	Relational Database Systems
	Object-Oriented Database Systems

Relational Database Systems:

	System R  (IBM)
	System R*
	OS/2 EE Database Manager
	SQL Server
Database Management Systems Research:

	Active Databases
	Database Machine and Database Computers
	Deductive and Logic Databases
	Deductive and Object-Oriented Databases
	Distributed Databases
	Distributed Object-Oriented Databases
 	Extensible Databases
	Federated Databases or Heterogeneous Databases
        Fuzzy Database Systems 
	Object-Oriented Databases
	Multidatabase Systems
	Parallel Databases
	High Performance Databases
	Temporal Databases
	Trusted Database Management Systems
Database Applications:

	Audio/Video Database Systems
	Client/Server Database Systems
	Engineering Databases
	Genomic Databases
	Geographical Databases and Information Systems
	Hypertext/Hypermedia Databases (Object)
	Historical Databases
	Image, Pictorial and Visual Databases
	Mobile Data Management and Communication
	Multimedia Databases and Information Systems
	Real Time Database Systems
	Scientific Databases
	Software Engineering Databases
	Spatial Databases
	Spatiotemporal Databases
	Statistical Database

Data Models and Database Modeling:
	Entity-Relationship Model
	Extended ER Model
	Enhanced ER Model

	Complex Data Model
	Extended Relational Data Model
	Functional Data Model
	Non First Normal Data Model (NF2)
	Object-Oriented Data Model
	Semantic Data Model
	Structural Data Model

Access Methods:
	Static/Dynamic/Extendible/Linear Hashing
	Internal/External Hashing
	Single Level/Multi-Level Index
	Single Dimensional/Multi-Dimensional Index
	B-Tree, B+-Tree, B*-Tree
	K-D-Tree, K-D-B-Tree, HB-Tree
Next Generation Databases:

	Commercial Systems:
	DEC Object/DB for Ultrix Risc 1.0 by Digital Equipment Corp.)
	Deed 1.3 (by Bionic Knight Software, Sun workstation, PC)
	GBASE (by Graphael, was the first commercial and has been withdrawn)
	Gemstone 2.0 (by Servio Logic in PASCAL/C with interface of C/C++/Smalltalk)
	GeODE (by Servio Corporation)
	Hybase (by Answer Software)
	IDB Object Database (by Persistent Data Systems)
	Itasca ODBMS 2.0  (Itasca Systems)
	Objectivity/DB 1.0 (Objectivity, Inc.)
	Object Store (by Object Design, Inc.)
	ONTOS[VBASE] (by Ontologic, Inc., in C and runs on Sun workstations)
	OpenODB (Hewlett-Packard)
	Orion (Xidak)
	Phyla (by Mainstay)
	Poet	(BKS  Software)
	Raima Object  Manager (Raima Corporation)
	SmalltalkAgents (Quasar Knowledge System Inc.)
	Statice (by Symbolics, Inc., in Common LISP and runs on Symbolic Machines)
	UniSQL/M Multidatabase System (UniSQL Inc.)
	UniSQL/X Database Management System (UniSQL Inc.)
	VERSANT (Versant Object Technologies, Inc.)
	Vision (by Innovative Systems Techniques, for investment analysis and statistical 
Research Prototypes in Industrial and Research Laboratories:
	AllTalk Project (Eastman-Kodak)
	GBASE (Object Database Corp.)
	Iris (Hewlett-Packard, in C and PASCAL and runs on HP 68000 workstations)
	ITASCA (Itasca Systems, Inc.)
	Jasmin (Fujitsu, Ltd., Japan)
	ODE Project (AT&T Bell Labs)
	O2 Project (O2 Technology at Altair, France, in C and runs on Sun workstations)
	Orion (MCC)
 	Montage ORDBMS (Montage Software Inc., Unix, C, C++)
	Probe System (by Xerox)
	SIM (Semantic Database)
	Starburst (IBM)
	Vishnu Project (by US West)
	ZEIT-GEIST (by Texas Instruments)
	University Research Prototypes:
	AVANCE (at University of Stockholm, Sweden)
	ENCORE/ObServer (Extensible and Natural Common Object Resource,
	Brown University, in C and runs on Sun workstations)
	Postgres (University of California, Berkeley, runs on Unix)
	Exodus (University  of Wisconsin, Madison, in C)
	Extra Project (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
	OZ+ Project (at University of Toronto, in and Turing Plus and runs on Sun 
	ROSE Project (at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
	Mneme Project (at University of Massachusetts, Amherst)		


	Advanced Database Modeling (EER Models)
	Algorithms for Database Management Systems
	Authorization in Object-Oriented Database Systems
	Client/Server SQL
	Complex  and Composite Objects
	Data Dictionary
        Data Mining
        Data Warehouse
	Database Compression Techniques
	Database Design Methodologies
	Database Design  Automation and Database Design Tools
	Denotational  Semantic Database Languages
	Distributed Objects
	Functional Data Model
	Graphical and Intelligent Database Interfaces
 	Heterogeneous Systems and Interoperability
 	Incomplete, Imprecise or Uncertain Information
	Information Engineering
        Interfacing Relational Database Management Systems with
        World Wide Wide Server
	Knowledge and Expert Database Systems Applications
	Knowledge Representation in Artificial Intelligence and its Connections with 
	Knowledge Discovery and Machine Learning in Database Systems
	Logic Programming and Database Coupling
	Long Duration and Cooperative Transactions
	Object Storage
	ODBC  and API (Open Database )
	Persistent Object Management
	Parallel Query Processing and Algorithms
	Query Language in Object-Oriented Databases
	Query Optimization in Object-Oriented Databases
	Relational Object Shells (PENGUIN)
	Referential Integrity  Constraints and Applications
	Rules and Triggers
	Schema Evolution
	Semantic Data Models and Modeling
	Semantic Query Optimization
	Single and Multidimensional Index Schema
	SQL Standards and Standardization
	Synchronization of Operating Systems and Multimedia Databases
	Transaction Processing Benchmark
	Version Management in Temporal Databases and Object-Oriented Databases 

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