Links to Data Warehousing Sites

  • Arbor Software OLAP
    Also White Paper by E. F. Codd, "Providing OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) to User-Analysts: AN IT Mandate"
  • Best of Database Programming and Design
  • Brio Technology
  • CIO Data Warehosing Links
  • Data Warehousing Information Center
  • Data Warehouse and OLAP: A Research-Oriented Bibliography
  • Foundations of Data Warehouse Quality
  • IBM's Page on Data Warehouses
  • Lessons from the Experts
  • MicroStrategy
  • Ralph Kimball Associates
  • Red Brick Systems, Inc.
  • Stanford Data Warehousing Publications
  • Terminology
  • White Papers on Multidimensional Databases
  • WWW-addressen Data Mining en Data Warehousing

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