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Dr Timothy J Ellis

Information for Dissertation Advisees

If you are interested in working with me as a potential dissertation advisor, you will find the information available through this page quite helpful. In order to make the dissertation process as effective and enjoyable for both of us as possible, I ask all the people with whom I'm working to keep the following in mind:

  1. Before contacting me, check to see if the areas in which I conduct research coincide with the area of the study you would like to explore. I will only supervise dissertations that fall into my research areas. You can find a list of the general areas in which I have a research interest on the Research page of this web site.
  2. If your area of research interest coincides with one of my areas of interest, please contact me by email or phone to ask me to add your name to my Dissertation Tracking System (DTS) queue. GSCIS policy stipulates that dissertation correspondence be conducted via the DTS. Please be aware that you can only work with one potential dissertation chair at a time and the DTS enforces that policy by limiting a student to being listed in only one instructor's DTS queue at a given time.
  3. Please download the "Problem Directed Research Outline", "Problem Directed Research Article", and "Problem Statement Development Guideline" available on this page. Use the "Problem Statement Development Guideline" to develop a pre-idea paper.
  4. Be sure to submit the pre-idea paper and all other dissertation documents and correspondence via the DTS.
  5. You can generally expect to receive feedback from me on pre-idea papers and idea papers within two weeks of submission. I often need as long as a month to review the longer documents (dissertation proposal and dissertation report).
  6. I've given thought to the manner in which I've been relating to the dissertation students with whom I am working and decided that I need to make some adjustments to better monitor their progress with the goal of providing better support for their research efforts. Historically, I have followed a very laissez-faire philosophy, allowing the student to self-manage her or his time and efforts toward dissertation completion. Since the students involved are, by-and-large, mature, mid-career professionals working to attain the highest academic credential, that approach certainly seemed supportable. Although the laissez-faire philosophy has certainly worked quite nicely for many, I have come to believe that for a number of students, a more structured, goal-directed approach would be advantageous. My goal was to develop such a system that does not disrespect the maturity and professionalism of the students with whom I'm working. Toward that end, I ask you all to adhere to the following procedures:
    1. Within the first week of any semester for which you are registered, send me a message via DTS in which you describe your goals for that term. I don't have a specific format in mind, but would appreciate a nice balance between brevity and completeness.
    2. Within the first week of each subsequent month in the term, send me a message via DTS in which you describe progress you've made toward attaining your goals for the term, and any changes you feel are necessary in you term goals.
    3. Please don't feel that these rather formal messages are designed to replace the ongoing help that is always available. If you have questions or encounter problems, you certainly do not have to wait until the progress report to communicate them to me.
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Problem Directed Research Outline
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Problem Directed Research Article
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Problem Statement Development Guideline
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Some Idea Paper Ideas Outline
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Some Dissertation Proposal Ideas Outline
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Literature Review Article
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Literature Review Presentation
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Reseearch Methods Article Download File
Development Research Article Download File
Presentation on Development Research Download File
Data Sources in Research Article Download File
Theories used in Information Systems research Download File
Reporting Statistics in APA Style
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