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Doctoral students that have completed dissertations
Updated 12/21/2009


Brenda L. Ellis - DCIS (Cannady, Hafner)
The human analysis element of intrustion detection: A cognitive task model and interface design and implications


Alicen B. Flosi - DISS (Terrell, Manning)
Course Management Software: Applying the technology acceptance model to study use by post-secondary faculty

William M. (Mac) Garrabrants - DCIS (Hafner, Macchiarella)
Reducing cognitive load using hypervariate display

Gregory J. Safko - DISS (Dringus, Terrell)
A study of a modified auditory component using a drag and drop multimodal feedback tooltip for older deaf computer users


Raz (Russ) Ben-Ezzer - DCTE (Ellis, Laszlo)
A Framework for Distance Education Strategies in Digital Music Education for Adults

Kevin D. Brunner - DCIS (Ellis, Dringus)
A Child-centric Interface: Graffiti or not Graffiti

Terry J. Smith - DISS (Dringus, Aqua)
Seniors Go Online: An assessment of the value of usability: is it perceived usefulness or perceived ease of use?


Michael T. Furick - DISS (Mukherjee, Zink)
Using Neural Networks to Develop a New Model to Screen Applicants for Apartment Rentals

Elizabeth K. Hawthorne - DCIS (Mukherjee, Sun)
Chiro-informatics: Towards a Semantic Web Health Record and Ontology for Coordination of Patient Information between Chiropractic and Allopathic Physicians

Ian Johnson - DCTE (Abramson, Terrell)
An Investigation of the Effects of the Georgia Framework for Integrating TECHnology (InTECH) Training Program on Teachers' Computer Self-Efficacy and Computer Utilization

James A. Sinclair - DCTE (Littman, Sladicka)
Enabling a New Pardism in Engineering and Technology Education: An Experimental Analysis of Multiple Learning Methodologies and Examination of Cognitive Profiles of Continuing Education Students


Brian K. Sheppard - DCTE (Seagull, Wang)
The Effects of an Internet Monitoring System on Non-Educational Internet Usage and Achievement Levels of Adult Students Seeking Computer Networking Certifications

Brandon Spencer - DISS (Mukherjee, Simco)
The Effects of Computerized Smell on Memory

Steven A. Zale - DISS (Littman, Seagull)
Teaching Data Structures using a Programming by Example System: Effects on Student Achievement and Cognitive Load


Daniel Baer - DCTE (Abramson, Terrell)
An Assessment of the Portfolio-based Technology Requirement for Preservice Teachers in North Carolina

William Brown - DISS (Hafner, Nasuti)
Credible Webcasts for Financial Communication

James Collins - DISS (Dringus, Nyshadham)
Measuring Credibility Assessment Targets in Web-Based Information

Nickolas (Dan) Macchiarella - DCTE (Ellis, Vincenzi)
Effectiveness of Video-Based Augmented Reality as a Learning Paradigm for Training Aerospace Maintenance Tasks

Lisa Olivieri, SSJ - DCTE (Ellis, Manning)
The Effect of the High School Environment on Encouraging Girls to Major in Computer Science

Mina Richards - DISS (Ellis, Mukherjee)
Human-Agent Interaction and Web-based Systems: A Study of User Performance and Software Agent Learning

R. Todd Stephens - DISS (Nasuti, Nyshadham)
A Framework for the Identification of Electronic Commerce Design Elements that Enable Trust within the Small Hotel Industry


Judith Horvath - DCTE (Terrell, Littman)
A Multiple Online Learning Platform Study of the Impact of Learning Style on Academic Performance

Lisa Z. Bain - DISS (Littman, Nyshadham)
User-Interface Design in Online Shopping Environments: The Development of a Product Interaction Model from Interactive Design Elements

Meg Williams - DISS (Ellis, Cannady)
A Taxonomy of Media Usage in Multimedia (T-MUM)


Nick Hastain - DISS (Littman/Manning)
A Study of Situations in Which People Fail to Respond to Computers: Research Supporting Computers and Social Actors “CASA” Paradigm


William Ryan - DCTE (Ellis/Reginald Hendricks)
Comparison of Student Performance and Attitude in a Lecture Class to Student Performance and Attitude in a Telecourse and a Web-based Class


Manny Astte - DCTE (Guild/ Fornshell)
A Comparison of Intranet Training Programs with Traditional Classroom Instruction for Local Government Employees


Dorthea Camp-White - DCTE (Abramson/Roberta Thomas)
Effects of Student Participation in a Self-Contained Fifth Grade Multimedia Classroom on Student Achievement and Adjustment to the Middle School Setting


Ed Lindoo - DCTE (Guild, Scigliano)
The Future of Newspapers: A Study of the World Wide Web and its Relationship to Electronic Publishing of Newspapers

Timothy Ellis - DCTE (Terrell, Abramson)
Computer-Supported, Time and Place Independent Distance Education for Adult Learners: A Demonstration Project in Teaching Financial Accounting Via the Internet

Madge Thombs - DCTE (Abramson, Frederick Mueller)
Enhancing the English Writing Skills of ESL Students Using E-mail with Preservice Teachers as Mentors